The Frank library can be installed from NuGet:
PM> Install-Package Frank


This example demonstrates using a function defined in this library.

let helloWorld request =
    OK ignore <| Str "Hello, world!"
    |> async.Return

Samples & documentation

The library comes will soon come with comprehensive documentation and includes a Getting Started tutorial, as well as an API reference.

Contributing and copyright

The project is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests. If you're adding new public API, please also consider adding samples that can be turned into documentation. You might also want to read library design notes to understand how it works.

The library is available under the Apache 2.0 license, which allows modification and redistribution for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. For more information see the License file in the GitHub repository.

namespace System
namespace System.Net
namespace System.Net.Http
namespace Frank
val helloWorld : request:'a -> Async<(#HttpRequestMessage -> HttpResponseMessage)>

Full name: Index.helloWorld
val request : 'a
val OK : headers:(HttpResponseMessage -> unit) -> content:#HttpContent option -> (HttpRequestMessage -> HttpResponseMessage)

Full name: Frank.Core.OK
val ignore : value:'T -> unit

Full name: Microsoft.FSharp.Core.Operators.ignore
val Str : s:string -> HttpContent

Full name: Frank.Core.Str
val async : AsyncBuilder

Full name: Microsoft.FSharp.Core.ExtraTopLevelOperators.async
member AsyncBuilder.Return : value:'T -> Async<'T>
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